Market Intelligence & Strategic Planning

Technology and market requirements change rapidly and organizations not prepared for shifts will be left behind. Smiths Point Analysis assists clients in every phase of their strategic planning process.

 Analysis to answer your most pressing strategic questions

  • SWOT Analysis – What are your company’s and competitors strengths and weaknesses in the mobile market and where are there opportunities and threats?
  • Competitive Analysis – Who are the players in the market and what are their offerings and what are their competitive advantages?
  • Market Opportunity Analysis – How much is being invested into certain segments of the market and today and in the future
  • Requirements gathering – What are the requirements of your target segment.
  • Features and Benefits Analysis – Insight into how best prioritize product feature development efforts

Why Us

Smiths Point Analytics has an extensive network in the enterprise mobility market which can be leveraged for data gathering purposes. The company also maintains a panel of mobile developers which can be surveyed to get answers to specific questions. The capability to gather data combined with market knowledge and analytical skill, enables us to provide our clients with valuable insight and actionable recommendations.

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