Consulting Engagement

To enable the greatest flexibility, Smith’s Point Analytics, will tailor engagements to fit client needs. Consulting models include:

  • Projects billed on an hourly basis
  • Custom projects designed and billed on a project basis
  • Ongoing retainers to deliver uninterruptedĀ services

Example Projects

A start-up looking to create an app in the enterprise and social networking space needed help understanding the current environment, competitors, and where their app might fit in the marketplace. Smiths Point Analytics delivered:

  • Analysis of market opportunity and current players
  • List of potential target customers
  • Guidance on strategy
  • Executive summary used in fund raising efforts

A technology service company was interested in positioning their company as a thought leader in the digital engagement space. They understood that to achieve their goals they needed a steady stream of insightful content to post in trade journals. This engagement involved an monthly fee to deliver content on a regular basis.