Codeless Mobile App Development Platforms: Quantifying Value & Analyzing Strategy

MediaCodeless mobile app development platforms are filling an important role in enterprise mobility strategies. They are enabling companies to deploy more apps quicker and support a more iterative build process that increases the value of apps through greater stakeholder input. Research conducted by Smith’s Point Analytics shows that codeless mobile app platforms enabled developers, business analysts and managers to create 52 apps per year compared to 2.6 and 4 using native development tools and cross platform tools respectively. This shortened development process is a huge asset to enterprises that are swamped with requests by line of business to create new apps.

The findings of the research also revealed that apps designed and built using collaborative approaches are more valuable. Apps that incorporate input from users throughout the process were used more often and saved the users more time.

This paper looks at how codeless app platforms fit into any mobile enterprise strategy, various approaches vendors are taking to support codeless app development and quantifies the value of these platforms and strategies.