Codeless App Development: New Strategies with Fewer Resources

Codeless mobile application development platforms are gaining a mounting presence in the app development market. As the name suggests, these products enable non-developers to build mobile apps without writing any code using a drag and drop interface. Making application development available to the masses will position these platforms as an important productivity driver throughout small and medium sized businesses and governments.

Mobile strategies requires coding skills that are expensive and in high demand, requiring well thought out strategies.  Consequently many organizations have not even begun to think about enterprise mobility beyond email and calendar. The ability for SMBs and municipalities to easily deploy a simple mobile app gets them in the game.

While these platforms certainly do not provide developers the flexibility of typical development platforms, they are more flexibility for end users and business managers. The capability to quickly create multiple apps with limited effort also enables companies to experiment with mobile apps to innovate more productive business processes. In some cases this may be little more than mobilizing and digitizing paper forms but if it reduces time spent transferring data from paper to digital form, the productivity gains are well worth it. The ability for individual users to create their own apps to support their personalized workflow will also drive greater productivity. The small screen size of mobile devices has historically caused mobile developers and designers heartburn as they debate what data and features to include in their apps. With users able to include the precise capabilities that are most relevant to their jobs make codeless platforms very valuable in creating more productive workers.