Multifactor Authentication Strategies and Market Landscape: Balancing Security with User Experience – FREE DOWNLOAD

The time-tested password is proving unable to keep up with the growing demand to protect our valuable digital assets and identity. Two-factor or multifactor authentication techniques are helping to reduce the reliance on passwords and increase security for apps and websites. The challenge is creating strategies that are easy to use yet remain secure.

This report looks at various approaches to multifactor authentication as well as evaluating and comparing vendor offerings. We also identify emerging trends such as behavioral biometrics and adaptive authentication.


Types of Multifactor Authentication – A look at the different approaches to authentication, how they work, usability, and their level of security

Differentiators and Key Considerations – A look at key factors to consider when developing strategies and choosing solutions

Vendor Analysis – An analysis of 19 different vendors in the multifactor authentication space comparing features, business models, and competitive differentiators

Vendor Profiles – A deeper dive into 8 leading vendors

Recommendations – Top recommendations for developing multifactor authentication strategies

Companies Covered

CA Early Warning Nok Nok RSA
CensorNet Entrust SecureAuth Telesign
Clickatell Gemalto Secure Envoy Twilio
Daon Google Sinch Vasco
Duo Nexmo/Vonage SwivelSecure

Vendor Profiles

CensorNet Clickatell Duo Early Warning
Nok Nok Labs Nexmo/Vonage  Twilio


This research was conducted through vendor interviews and analysis of online sources and product information. While vendors provide input, all opinions and analysis contained in this report are based on Smith’s Point Analytics objective analysis.


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